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Entering Special Characters in WebCT

International Characters in Windows

Some language classes at Portland Community College make use of WebCT to compliment their course. WebCT provides excellent tools for online communication. The mail tool, discussion tool, and chat tool can all be used by students and faculty to communicate using what they've learned in class.

One problem that these courses encounter is related to some of the characters in different languages that don't show up on our keyboards. Not to fear, there are ways around this using keyboard shortcuts and using tools built in to Windows.

Keyboard Shortcuts: 4-digit codes

To type accented letters and other symbols on a Windows PC, you can use either the numeric codes listed below. The numeric codes work in any application. Press the alt key and the numeric code on the number pad together. Make sure Num Lock is on.

  numeric   numeric   numeric   numeric
á alt-0225 Á alt-0193 à alt-0224 À alt-0192
é alt-0233 É alt-0201 è alt-0232 È alt-0200
í alt-0237 Í alt-0205 ì alt-0236 Ì alt-0204
ó alt-0243 Ó alt-0211 ò alt-0242 Ò alt-0210
ú alt-0250 Ú alt-0218 ù alt-0249 Ù alt-0217
ä alt-0228 Ä alt-0196 â alt-0226 Â alt-0194
ë alt-0235 Ë alt-0203 ê alt-0234 Ê alt-0202
ï alt-0239 Ï alt-0207 î alt-0238 Î alt-0206
ö alt-0246 Ö alt-0214 ô alt-0244 Ô alt-0212
ü alt-0252 Ü alt-0220 û alt-0251 Û alt-0219
ÿ alt-0255 Ÿ alt-0159 å alt-0229 Å alt-0197
ã alt-0227 Ã alt-0195 ø alt-0248 Ø alt-0216
ñ alt-0241 Ñ alt-0209 ç alt-0231 Ç alt-0199
õ alt-0245 Õ alt-0213 ¿ alt-0191 ¡ alt-0161
ß alt-0223            

Character Map

Windows includes a character map that gives you easy access to all the characters your heart desires. To use it, follow these steps:

Open the Windows Character Map. It is located in Start > Programs > Accessories> System Tools > Character Map.

Open Character Map

Locate the character you would like to use in the map and

  1. click on the character you want.
  2. click the Select button
  3. click the Copy button

Windows Character Map

Now go back to the program you are using, place the cursor where you want to insert the character, and paste it in. You can either use the control-v shortcut or choose Edit > Paste.

inserting character

The Character Map may be easier for most users. To switch between applications, use alt-tab.


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