Enrolling TAs into all Sections of a Combined Class

When you have ITLE combine sections into one course site on Online Classroom, you may be surprised to learn that the process results in your TAs not being able to "see" all the students. They will be able to see only the students in one section, not in all of them.

Unlike the course combination process found in your faculty Web services, the ITLE process, for lack of a better name, allows you to control which section's students your TAs can access. And though the sounding of it all seems very difficult, the process required to solve this issue is actually quite easy. Ready? Let's dive in.

1.In your newly-combined course site, click on Edit Course.


Edit Course

2. Once in the edit course area, click on the link "sections."


3. In the Manage Sections screen, click on the link, "Enroll Users."

In the enroll users screen, click in the "Search For" box and enter the last name of one of your TAs. Click the Search button.

Manag Sections

4. Your TA will appear in a table showing her/his name and a column for each section. In each section column will be a box indicating enrollment in that section. Simply, check each box for each section you want your TA to be able to "see."

Though for most tools, your TAs will notice no difference, for Classlist and grade book, there will be big differences. Your TA will now see students in the sections in which you just enrolled (clicked) her/him.


Enroll Sections
5. When finished with each TA's change, be sure to click the Save button.
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