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Here are several pages that will help you learn to use Respondus at your convenience.

- Online Help - Online help is available from within the Respondus application. Context-sensitive help is available by pressing the F1 key. Or, go to Help > Help Topics to access the main help system

- User Guides - If you want a printed user guide for Respondus, click here.  The user guides are provided in Adobe's portable document format.

 - Newsletter Articles - Another great source of information and training materials the Respondus newsletter archive: http://www.respondus.com/update/index.shtml.

 - A helpful step-by-step method of using Respondus (Good for the first-time user). For screen shots of Respondus Version 4, go here.

 - Importing questions from a Word Processor into Respondus!

 - Exciting New Announcement: The latest version is now available: Version 4.0 integrates with Online Classroom. You can install it even if you are currently using 3.5 because it creates a new folder and leaves your old version undisturbed. Click here to download the new version 4.0! The file comes to you as a zip file in the case your system's security will not allow you to download an exe file.You will download an executable file that allows you to upload questions as a quiz or to the Question Library in the Online Classroom course site of your choice. You can also download questions from any of your course sites to your desktop for printing of paper copies or for transport to another system. If you need help, call or contact ron.payne@okstate.edu or check http://www.respondus.com for information or watch the informative video here. Respondus now recommends that you cease using version 3.5. Respondus also suggests that periodically click Help/Check for updates to be sure you have the latest version However, version 3.5 will not update to 4.0. To make that upgrade see above. The latest program, 4.0.3, now works with publisher's listings of quiz questions. See this video demonstration.

Once downloaded, before you can install Respondus, you will need to obtain the appropriate password.  Please contact Ron Payne for all the details you will need to successfully set up your version of Respondus.

Test Questions from Wall Street Journal -  Faculty using the Journal in their classes can obtain online test questions in Respondus format for use with their favorite course management system.  For more details, check this link: http://www.respondus.com/update/wsj_quiz.shtml.

Over 1000 Publisher Question Banks Now Available! Question banks from the leading textbooks in higher education are now available in Respondus format, free to instructors who adopt a participating textbook. It's never been easier to create online exams or e-learning games for Online Classroom. Check the list for your publisher: Publisher's List. If your publisher is on the list, you can upload the question bank to your course site on Online Classroom.

(For a zipped version of Respondus 4.0 executable file, click the Respondus logo below.)

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