Resetting Exams in OC

Online quizzes are wonderful tools in your instructional arsonal. However, there are times when a student's Internet Service Provider, the student, or, maybe, OC itself will not work as planned. If a student is in the middle of an exam when a failure occurs, you may need to "reset" the attempt and give the student another try. How do you reset a quiz? This page will present in step-by-step format the procedure for re-setting quizzes in Online Classroom

Select the quiz you want to reset. You will see the familiar seven-tabbed form. Next, select the link Grade Quiz.

select quiz

The Attempts view will open. If your display looks like the page below, you need to click on the link Display Options to make a selection that will allow you to "reset quizzes."

Attempt View

Clicking the Display Options launches the "Display Options" screen. Click in the box next to Allow Reset and click the Save button.

Allow Reset

The next screen is the Attempt view once again but this time, you will notice two trash cans above and below the list of completed attempts.

Reset View

To reset the quiz, click in the box next to the "attempt" you want to reset. Then, click one of the little trash cans.

Click the box next to the attempt to reset!

When completed, the attempt will be deleted (It cannot be brought back!) and you can tell the student to try again.

Attempt Reset

Congratulations! You've reset the quiz attempt.

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