Release Grades in Online Classroom

In Online Classroom, the grade book defaults to not releasing any grades to help you avoid unwanted surprises. So when you're ready to release your grades, please observe the following steps:

Step 1: Open your grade book and on the left column, click on “Grades Settings.”

Grade Settings

Step 2: From the line of three links across the top, select “Calculation Options.”

Calculation Options


Step 3: Scroll part way down past the grading system options to the “Final Grade Released” section.


Step 4: Click the option to release “Calculated Final Grade.” Grade Options

Step 5: From the enter grades view, be sure you are in “Standard View.”

Standard View

Step 6: Scroll to the right to reach the to the final grade column. Click the ruler-checkmark icon to work with the final grade column.

Check Mark & Ruler

Step 7: On the next screen, a list of your students will be presented.

Student List

Step 8: Click the box selector in the at the top of the gray bar under the user search for box. Clicking the box causes a check mark to appear in every student’s selection box to the left of her/his name.

Select All Students

Four Icons Step 9: Finally, to the right of the selector box that you clicked in, notice the other four icons. Click on the fourth icon to the right and green check will appear in the “Release Final Grade” column on the right side of the table between the Comments column and the Event log column. Students can now see their final grade.

Release Check

Step 10: Save your changes. Save Button

To check what students see, click the “User List” link at the top under the Final Grades title.

Click User List

Step 11: Click on the underlined name of any of your students. On the student record screen displayed next,

Click the Student Name

Step 12: click on the “Preview” link in the gray bar at the top. The next small window displayed will be exactly what that student will see when she/he clicks on the grades link.

.Click Preview to see Student's view

The student's view presented to the instructor in a separate window.

The Student View Presented to the Instructor.

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