After taking an online quiz, students will want to see the results. If the quiz has been set to grade immediately and if there are no questions that call for manual scoring before your quiz attempt is released, students will be able to see their results if a submission view has been set. Left to its default setting, the online classroom will allow students to see only their attempt score, providing there are no questions that cannot be automatically scored.

So, how do you set a submission view? In four easy steps!

Step 1. In the quiz you are about to administer, open it to the General Tab and make sure the box next to Automatic Grade is checked. This is an undocumented feature that makes the submission view release possible.

Quiz Gen Tab


Step 2. Click on the Submission tab. Click the Default View.

Submissions Tab

Step 3. Make a few checks to show what you want shown. Click the option Yes to show questions and select the other items you want to reveal.

Setting a Default View


Step 4. This step is for students. Students click the link View Feedback to see any text their instructors have entered for them while they check their quiz results!

Student View of Quiz

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