What to do When Your Quiz Points Don't Add Up Correctly

You create questions; you create a quiz; you administer the quiz and to your horror, some students receive a portion of a point when they should have been awarded a full point. What's wrong? Don't worry. You just made a totally understandable error that is somewhat easily fixed. The ability to reward partially correct answers is a feature allowing us to enter various percentages depending upon how correct a response is. When we tell the quiz software how high a percent to award an response, we may confuse points with percent. We need to enter 100% for a totally correct answer. Read on.


1. Sometimes, the first hint that something is wrong is when we view the attempts and notice scores containing a percentage of a point. This gets serious when we recall that we didn't reward partially correct answers in our quiz. In our example, a student has scored a correct answer but is being given only 1 hundredth of a point.

To find the screen shown on the right, open your quiz and click on the link "Grade."


2. If we are lucky, we may have only one question awarding a percent of a point or points incorrectly. In our example, we find the offending question easily.

3. To repair the issue quickly, we have to change each student's quiz that has been awarded a percent of a point. We highlight the 0.01 and enter a 1 (or what ever number of points you had set for your question.

4. Our little example of a two question quiz with one point for each correct answer shows to correction of the question answer points from 1% of a point to one full point. To correct the quiz grade, we need to click on the Recalculate button which changes the final score from 1.01 to 2. Notice the three steps in our example.
5. After we've taken care of the quizzes that have been administered, we correct the quiz itself so that the correct number of points are awarded the next time the quiz is used. We find the offending question in the quiz. Note that 1 percent has been entered in the weight of the questions points. We change the 1 to 100.
6. As soon as the question is saved, future test takers will be awarded 100% of the number of points assigned to the question. Again, in our example, we award 100% of one point for the correct answer.
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