How to Release an Old Quiz for Study

After quizzes have been taken and graded, and after the expiration of the testing period, how do you fix quizzes so that your students can study them to prepare for the final exam?

This page will step you through the process of releasing old quizzes for study purposes.


Open Quiz

1. Click the button, "Add Additional View" so you can contruct a view the will allow your students to see what you want them to see. Beginning with the name of the view, fill out the form. The date is the time after the expression when students can begin viewing the view you are creating. Next, you indicate what you want your students to see.

Begin Filling out the Alternate View Form
2. Continue to the bottom of the form and check the boxes and the option button that you want for your students. In our example, we are showing them all questions without user response. If you want them to see the way they answered, check another option. Notice, we are also showing the correct answers as well as their score. Bottom of Alternate Submission View Form
3. Click the "Save" button to save the view. Save the Alternate View

4. Next, you create a quicklink in the Content area so students can access the view.

Determine which module you want to use to display the quiz, then click the add content icon and select quicklink. Name your item and click the quicklink icon. (The little chain icon with the orange splatter on top of it.

Add the Quiz View as Content
5. You will On the "Insert a Quicklink" form, select Quizzes for a category and the quiz for which you just constructed the above-mentioned alternate view. Click the "Insert" button when finished making your selections. The Quicklink Form
6. You will be returned to the New Topic-Quicklink form. Notice the URL box is filled out. Click the "Save" button. Save the Content

7. Note your quiz is not listed in the content area and when clicked by your students, the alternatve view you created will determine the display of your quiz.

Note, you can also create a quicklink to your quizzes in the Content area for your students to use when they need to take a quiz. In our example, test 1A is such a quiz.

Link to Alternate Quiz View


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