Copying Materials from
an Old Course to Your New One in
Online Classroom

You created some nice stuff last semester.  What if you want to use it now!  What do you do? In Online Classroom, you can copy the materials easily   Here is the step by step procedure:

Step 1  In your new course (the one that does not have the materials), click on Edit Course.  Then click on Components

Make sure the option "Copy Components from another Org Unit" is selected.  Click the Next button.

Step 2.  See a list of items you can bring from courses.  Scroll to the bottom to find the option "Existing Offering".  And click the down arrow to select the course, or offering, that contains the materials you want to copy to this course.

Step 3.  After highlighting (selecting) the course, wait a few seconds for the screen addition to appear.


Step 4.  Check the boxes of the items you want to copy to your new course.  Here, we have check only the surveys.  Notice, you can copy all items or you can select individual items.  For example, if we had more than one survey in the old course, we could select only one of them.  Click Next.

Step 5.  Confirm that the material you want is listed.  Here, we see that all survey items contained in the old course are going to be copied into our new course.  Click Next.

Step 6.  Click Done when finished.  There you are, your materials have been copied to your new course.  Congratulations!


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