To delete a news item, please follow these steps.

1. In our example, we have two news items. We want to delete both of them. To begin, click either of the Edit buttons.

2 News Items

2. The Edit Item page is launched. On the Edit Item page, click the News link.

Edit News Item

3. A list of your news items are displayed. Click the box to the left of the news item(s) you want to delete.

Edit News Item Page

4. The item(s) selected for deletion has a colored background to indicate its selection. Next, click the trash can at either the top or the bottom of the page.

News Item Selected for Deletion

5. You will be presented with the delete dialogue box. Click OK.

Delete Dialogue Box

6. Success! You have deleted one of the item(s). You are told when you deleted the items. Click Course Home to return to your course home page.

Deletion Successful

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