Changing the Navigation Bar in Your OC Course Site.

One of the most substantial changes brought to us with version 9.1 of Online Classroom is how we edit the course navigation bar, or Navbar for short. The method of adding tools (attendance, live room, chat, etc.) requires that we make a copy of the navigation default and edit that copy. We are told that we have always needed to take the copy approach but that the software once did it for us. Now, it doesn't. This change requires for a few more steps on our part but like all else, once you get it set, you can simply include the Navbar in any future course copy work you perform.

1. To change your Navbar, begin by clicking on the Course Edit link to locate the Navigation link. Click on the Navigation link.


Edit Course -- Navigation Link

2. In Navbars, notice the screen is divided into two parts: Active Navbar and Navbars, which shows all Navbars available. To edit, we do not click on the button "New Navbar" because that would force us to start with a blank page. We want to make a copy of the course default, Active Navbar. Click on the copy icon under the Actions column.


Default Screen

3. After clicking on the copy icon, we are served the confirmation screen asking us if producing a copy is our intent. It is so we click the Yes button.

Copy Confirmation
4. When the confirmation screen disappears, we are told that we now have a "Copy of Course Default" and that the copy process was successful. Click on the Copy of Course Default link. We will be presented with a two-tabbed form showing the Properties of the Navbar and the links. We click on the "Links" tab. Copied Successfully Screen
5. On the links tab, scroll to the area in which you want to add your course tool, or new link. In this case, we are using the lower left area of the Navbar. We will click on the "Add Links" button. Add Links to Navbar
6. We will be presented with a Links List screen. Notice in the orange band at the top of the screen we are told exactly where the link will be added, in this case, the bootom left link area of our course site, CTED 4213. We are adding the Chat feature so it its box is check and we finalize the selection by clicking the "Add" button. Add Links Selection Screen
7. After clicking the add button, we are given the opportunity to make additional selections and we are told that the link was added successfully. We're almost finished. Link Added Sucessfully
8. Since we have finished adding items to the bar, we scroll by to the top of the screen and click on the link, Navbars. Click the Navbars button
9. In this step, we need to finalize our selection by activating our new navbar with the added link. In the Active Navbar area, click the "Change" button. The Change Button
10. Clicking the Change button cause the launching of a drop-down menu. Click the chevron pointing down and select the "Copy of Course Default" option. Then, click the "Apply" button to make the change of Navbars. Select & Apply the Copy of Course Default

11. We are presented with a confirmation screen to which we respond by clicking the "Set Active" button. This activates our new Navbar.

Click the Set Active button
12.Immediately after clicking the Set Active button, we see the new link in our class Navbar! We did it. And, finally while it isn't a process we will want to do many times, we can remove and add multiple links to our Navbars at the same time with the new procedure. Proof of the Change!
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