Information about Mobility Devices & Online Classroom

The information about the mobile web version of the Online Classroom supported smartphones are as follows:

  1. iPhone,
  2. Blackberry, and
  3. Android based phones.

At this time Windows Mobile is not officially supported and our testing has shown that version 6.5 is unable to login.

To log in with your mobile device (including your iPad), go to

Go here for Blackberry apps: Desire2Learn 2GO for BlackBerry® (The BlackBerry link opens in a new window, you will not be transported from this page!)

The latest about browsers!


Browser Status
Internet Explorer 8 Supported (recommended)
Internet Explorer 7 Supported
Firefox 3.6 Supported
Firefox 3.5 Supported (recommended)
Firefox 3.0 Maintenance
Chrome 3 Investigation

Mac OS X

Browser Status
Firefox 3.6 Supported
Firefox 3.5 Supported
Firefox 3.0 Supported (recommended)
Safari 4.0 Supported
Safari 3.1 Supported
Mobile web

Operating system/browser version Status

iOS 3 (Safari) Supported
iOS 4 (Safari) Supported
Android 1.5 Supported
Android 2.1 Supported
Android 2.2 Investigation
Blackberry 6 Supported

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