Frequently Asked Questions


How do I login to Online Classroom?
Go to and login using your O-Key username and password.

What if I don’t have an O-Key username or password?
OSU assigns you an O-Key username when you enroll.  However, you will need to activate it before you can use it.  Follow the steps below to activate your O-Key username.  You will be asked to choose a password during activation. 

Activate your O-Key account

1. Go to:
2. Click “O-Key Account Activation”
3. Follow the wizard to activate your account

What is my password?
If you forgot your password then you will have to change it by following the steps below.  It will take about 15 minutes for the password change to take effect.

To Change your password

1. Go to
2. Click “Forgot password?  Locked out?”
3. Follow the Wizard

Why don’t I see my course?
One reason why you may not see your courses is because you have not expanded the course list menu.

To Expand the Course List Menu

  1. Go to the My Home page
  2. Click on the plus sign to the left of  Spring 2007 located in the My Oklahoma State University Courses and Communities text box.
  3. Click on the plus sign to the left of the campus name.  This will expand the class list.

Another reason why your courses may not show is that they are inactive. 

Your courses will begin to show seven days before a semester begins and will continue to show until 21 days after the end of the semester.

If you enroll Monday through Friday, your course will show up the next day.  If you enroll on the weekend, your course will show up on Tuesday morning.

Furthermore, your instructor has the ability to make his or her course inactive.  Check with your instructor to see if he or she will be using D2L.

Why is my course blank?
Each course is linked to its course site.  If your instructor does not use D2L, the course will appear to be blank.

How do I check if my computer is configured correctly to run D2L?
You can check your computer’s configurations by clicking on the “Please click here for a System Check before you login” link located at the bottom of the D2L login page.

Why can’t I open or download content from my D2L course?
The most likely cause is that you have a pop-up blocker turned on that blocks any window opened by clicking on a link.  Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the link.  This should bypass the pop-up blocker.

Why are some of the course options (discussions, quizzes, surveys, etc. . .) blank?
Your instructor has to add content or activate these features before you can use them.  Contact your instructor to see if he or she will be using these features of D2L.

What happened to my courses on Blackboard or WebCT?
Courses that used Blackboard or WebCT last semester are still available.  Students and instructors can login as normal until the end of the Spring 2007 semester.  At that time, Blackboard and WebCT will be taken out of production. 

OSU-OKC is the only campus that will be usign Blackboard or WebCT for this Spring 2007 courses.

What if I have an incomplete in a course that used Blackboard or WebCT last semester?
You will still be able to access course material from Fall 2006 until the end of this semester, unless your instructor has disabled the course.  In that case, contact your instructor for further information.

Why is my course listed twice?
Some instructors have requested that different sections of the same course be combined.  The course combining process creates two versions of the course.  Contact your instructor to find out which version of the course he or she will be using.

How can I tell if my instructors or classmates are online?
When your instructors or classmates are logged in to D2L, their name will be highlighted in yellow and a green dot will appear next to their name in the Classlist. 

I just enrolled, when will my courses show up in D2L?
If you enroll Monday through Friday, your course will show up the next day.  If you enroll on the weekend, your course will show up on Tuesday morning.

Why can I see my course, but not access it?
Your instructor has restricted the course availability dates, so even though you can see the course, it is not active.  Check with your instructor to see when the course will be made available to you. 

Why do I keep getting a message prompt about using the Clipboard when I am taking a quiz?
The prompt, “Do you want to allow this web page to access your Clipboard? If you allow this, the web page can access the Clipboard and read information that you've cut or copied recently.” appears repeatedly when you are taking a quiz with “right click” disabled because of a conflict between D2L and Internet Explorer 7.  Follow the steps below to correct this problem.

Configuring Internet Explorer
1. Open Internet Explorer    
2. Click on the Tools button in the upper right corner of the window   
3. Click Internet Options at the bottom of the menu  
4. Click on the Security tab   
5. Click the Custom level . . . button   
6. Scroll through the settings to "Allow Programmatic clipboard access" located under "Scripting"
7. Change the default setting of "Prompt" to either "Disable" or "Enable"
Note: Either choice will allow you to take a quiz without encountering difficulties. 
Why do I keep getting an error message when I am using D2L with Internet Explorer 7?
An error message stating “Error: Do you want to allow this web page to access your clipboard?”may appear when using Internet Explorer 7 with Desire2Learn.  Selecting “OK” or “x” will not close the window. Follow the steps below to resolve this problem.

Closing the Error Message
1. Click on the Tools button in the upper right corner of the window  
2. Click Internet Options at the bottom of the menu   
3. Click on the Security tab  
4. Click the "Trusted Sites" icon   
5. Click the Sites button  
6. Under "Add this web site to the zone", enter your site URL 
7. Click OK to close the window.   
8. Click the Custom Level button   
9. Under "Settings", scroll down to "Scripting", then click Enable under "Allow Programmatic clipboard access"   
10. Click OK to close this window   
11. Click OK to close the Internet Options window  

How does D2L know which faculty member is teaching the course?
D2L pulls the names for faculty from the SIS Faculty File, which HRS compiles. 

I need to create a webpage or an online survey.  Where do I go for that?
Please call us at 4-1000 to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.

I want to move more of my class material into an online format or I have been asked to create an online course.  Where do I go for help?
Faculty Development offers a spring workshop for Online Course Creation.  We can also do one-on-one consultations to help you reach your goals. 

How do I check my email while away from the office?
For Outlook users, go to and login using your OKey information.

How do I check my voicemail away from the office?
Dial 405-744-MAIL and when prompted, enter in your password and extension number.  For additional features of your phone, please visit our "Need to Know" session presented by the OSU Telecom folks.

I have class material in paper hardcopy/slides/photos//VHS format and would like to convert it to a digital format.  Where can I get that done?
Please call the Institute for Teaching and Learning at 4-1000.  We have several different departments who handle the various items.

I want to check out a laptop/video camera/projector to use in class.  Who do I call?
Please call Classroom Technology Services at 4-1000.  They will need your name, department and an AA number to reserve the equipment. 

I teach in a multimedia classroom, and I'm having trouble.  Who do I call for help?
In the Classroom Building, please call the in-building AV office - Ken Cochran at 4-8965.  For any other multimedia classroom, please call Classroom Technology Services at 4-1000. 

I want to send an email to my entire class.  How do I do that?
You can send a note to your whole class in Online Classroom by going to the link, Classlist, and clicking on the link , “Email everyone on this page.”  Or,  you can email your class from within Faculty SISWeb (select the course and click the send email link).

I need to know my Okey username or look up my PRISM password. 
You can log into and look up that information.  If you do not remember your Okey email address, please call us at 4-1000 or the IT help desk at 4-4357. 

I need to enter my grades.  How do I do that?
For Online Classroom, in your course, click on the Grades link.  There you can add a column and enter the scores.  For complete instructions in a step-by-step form, please call us at 4-1000. 
Note:  Official grades must be entered in the Faculty SISWeb system by midnight the Tuesday after finals for regular semesters.  (If you have not registered with SISWeb, you must do so at this link.)  If you need your PIN reset, please call Bonnie Stone's office at 4-6864. 

My students aren't showing up in Online Classroom.  Why not?
Since students are populated from a list compiled by the Registrar, we are pretty certain they are there.  We have found that empty classlists are usually the result of remnants of a previous search still being reported.  If you have any text in the text box next to the search button, delete the text and press search while being certain the text box is empty.  Performing the “blank” search brings back all of the students. If this fails, please call us at 4-1000.


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