Exporting your Online Classroom Grade Book

1. There will be times when you want to export your Online Classroom Gradebook. This page will attempt to "talk" you through the process. To begin in your course of choice, click grades and be sure you are in the Enter Gradesview. Enter Grades View
2. From the enter grades view, click Export Gradeslocated at the top to the left of your grade book. Click Export Link
3. After clicking export grades, a two-part form will be displayed. The top part of the form allows you to determine if you want all users, their CWID, which is the Org Defined ID, name, points and/or grade scheme. Select Names to export
4. Part two of the form allows you to select the grade items you want to include in the export. Check the boxes to the immediate left of each grade item you want. Notice in our grade book here that we have a subtotal column which will not be exported. Also, be aware that under no conditions will the Calculated Final Grade be exported. Only the Adjusted Final grade can be exported. Select Grad Items to Export
5. When finished selecting items, click the Export to CSVbutton. CSV stands for comma separated values, which is readable by Excel.
6. At the conclusion of the export process, the export gradesscreen alerts you that the job is finished and ready to be opened directly or downloaded. Export File Window
7. The dialogue box allows you to open or download for saving. Export Dialogue Box
8. Once saved, you can open Excel then open your grade export file and work with the file and/or look through it. You save the file in your course record space on your hard drive, or your external drive, and/or burn a copy to a CD.
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