How to Find Your Course List


When you have seventy-five or more courses in Online Classroom, your "My Home" page changes to a list of the last ten courses you have accessed. This change is made to give you quicker response time when you login to Providing a list of ten course sites requires less build time than to display your entire list of course sites, most of which you are not going to try to access anyway.

When this change occurs, you can easily see all of your courses for a certain semester by using the Registrar's code for year and semester.

In our example, notice the user has logged in and he sees only 2008 and 2007 course sites.

Old Courses


Step One: In the "Search For" text entry box, you can enter the Registrar's code for, say, fall 2009 which is "096."*

Registrar's Code


Step Two: Clicking the "Search" button produces a list of all the courses that this user is teaching during the fall.

List of Fall Courses


*Note: The code is simply the last two digits of the year followed by a "2" for Spring, or a "4" for Summer, or a "6" for Fall. So, for the Spring term of 2010, the code is "102." For the fall term of 2010, the user would enter a "106" in the search for text box.



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