Problem Creating Topic Content by Uploading File Using Internet Explorer 8*

If you create a topic in the Content tool of your course by uploading a file using Internet Explorer 8, the upload process may not complete.

Note that Internet Explorer 8 is not yet supported. You should use a fully supported browser listed in Recommended Software and Browsers.

If you have experienced this problem, you may upload the file to the 'Manage Files' area and then create a new topic from that course file.

Alternatively, you may add the OC URL ( for example, ) to your list of sites that are displayed in Compatibility mode:

  1. Click Tools in the Internet Explorer Command Bar.
  2. Select Compatibility View Settings.
  3. Click the Add button to add the URL to the list of sites that are displayed in Compatibility mode.
  4. Click Close.

In Compatibility mode, you should be able create a topic by uploading a file.

*Another aspect of the buggy Internet Explorer 8 can help to prevent students from viewing files (topics) in the Content area of OC. See this page for those details.

We extend our thanks to our friends at the University of Wisconsin for these pages.

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