Internet Explorer 8 Bug

There is a bug in Internet Explorer 8 which causes the user to believe (s)he has no results when clicking on a Content link.  What happens is the page clicked on is launched but in such a large proportion that the user would swear there is only an blank page.  In truth the page is about 100 times too large and only a small portion of a corner is showing.  To work around this bug the user can access a topic on the content page, maximize the browser, and carefully hover the mouse cursor over the far right side of the browser window.

IE8 Typical Window

When the cursor changes to a double arrow, the user can click the left mouse button and drag the frame back to the left revealing the missing frame.  It is also highly recommended that until Microsoft gets this bug repaired, users use IE8 in compatible mode by clicking the Compatibility View Settings in the Tools menu and allow to be viewed in compatibility mode (essentially, viewing the site as IE7 did).

Reshaping the Window in IE8

Our thanks to Teresa Duston, IT HelpDesk, for capturing the images used on this page.

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