Adding Participants to Your Online Classroom


You can add participants such as other faculty, your TAs, and/or course builders quickly any time you want by the following the steps presented below. If you came to this page to learn how to add participants to your course site, please begin with Step 1. If you came to this page to learn the differences in roles, please go to this spot on this page.


Step 1: Go to the Classlist of the course to which you want to add a person. Clcik "Add Participants."

Add Participants

Step 2: Next, click the link "Add an existing user."

Add Existing

Step 3: This step has four substeps. First, ignore the role setting part. Second, in the "Add Existing Participant" part of the form, enter the name of the person you want to add. (You can also enter the CWID, if you know it. Click the Search button. Three, when the names appear below the search box, select your person by clicking the box to the left of their name. Fourth, select the role you want the person to have in your class. In our case, we are selecting TA Lvl1. You could choose "Faculty," "Course Builder," or "TA Lvl2."

Four Steps

(Though our example doesn't show one, for some course sites, you will have a section assignment drop down menu. Even though you may have only one choice of a section, go ahead and select the section it presents. Without a selection, you won't be able to complete the process.)

Section Selection


Step 4: Click the button "Enroll Selected Users." Then, just click the "Done" button when it is presented and your person is in. Congratulations!

Enroll Selected User Button


A Word about Roles You may have a question about the features the roles bring to the user you add to your class. Course Builders can access the course Content area. This role can upload and delete topics and modules. TA Lvl1the least of the two TA levels can do grading and work with the grade book. The level one can also read discussions and apply grades there. TA Lvl2 is the more powerful of the TA roles but the differences are slight. Level two can view and access inactive course sites, people with this role can create drop box folders, create and add discussion forum and topics, and it allows the download of the grade book. The faculty role can perform the functions of all of these roles combined.

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