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Online Classroom provides the Web component(s) of on-campus classes and serves as the main delivery vehicle for OSU's distance courses. To log in to https://oc.okstate.edu (Online Classroom@OSU), you use your O-KEY User name and your O-KEY password. If you don't know your O-KEY credentials, please refer to http://okey.okstate.edu. This site is designed for faculty and though students will find some helpful items on this site, they should consult http://it.okstate.edu for help.

UPDATE Notice: The update to version 9.1 of Desire2Learn's course management system (https://oc.okstate.edu) has been successfully completed. One of the major advantages to version 9 includes the support for mobility devices. For the latest information for these devices, go to this page. Want to know more about version 9.1? Click here for a listing of version differences and improvements or go to the page that tells you all about the new version, 9.1!

Special Browser Section!  Microsoft is expected to release a new browser (Internet Explorer 9) in September.  If you want consistent results with Online Classroom, despite the slick advertising, don't be the first in your neighborhood to upgrade. Programmers are working with IE9 and will let us know when it will be supported. As you may recall, IE8 provided some problems for Online Classroom users initially. IE8 is supported by Online Classroom, though you may still have a few innocuous problems, such as some screens too large to fit in OC's frame. If you open a page and see nothing, scroll down. For a history of the issues repaired by D2L, check here! A recent study has found that Microsoft's browser usage has fallen below 50%. See story. NEW: Microsoft is pushing IE9 to unsuspecting updaters.

Combine Courses?  You can now combine your own course sites. To see how, check this short paper.

Extend Number of Class Meetings: Faculty needing to start an online class period early or to extend it past the normal conclusion, use this form.

Learning Opportunities Learning sessions for faculty dealing with the use of Online Classroom is available at http://fp.okstate.edu/fsc/learn.

Online Classroom is updated daily for courses, student enrollment data, and faculty assignments.  Please expect a lag time of about 24 hours for data updates.  D2L servers will be updated each morning around 06:00 a.m.

Respondus' new LockDown Browser and its test creation tool now work with Online Classroom.  Simply, for the lockdown browser, once an instructor "associates" a quiz with the browser, students must use it in place of Internet Explorer or any other browser to participate in the quiz.  If students do not download and install it, the quiz will not open for them! Please go here to obtain the browser

Note to Students: Your instructor will determine if Online Classroom is to be used.  Important student information here!

Mobile Device? Want to use a mobile device with Online Classroom? Many now work and you can access Online Classroom by using this address: https://oc.okstate.edu/d2l/m/login.


Important Notice:   If you use Online Classroom to support or present  your course materials, you will be happy to learn that OSU now has a site license for Respondus!  Faculty can download the "exe" file to a local machine and contact us for instructions on setting up the program.  Need to know more about the program?  Let us know, we will work with you to get you "up and running."

→ Click the Respondus Logo to access a special features page with tips and other learning opportunities to help you get going quickly with Respondus! !

The test creation tool from Respondus differs from the Respondus LockDown Browser.  To obtain the browser, please go here.  The new version of OC allows instructors to "associate" an online quiz with the Respondus browser.  If a student does not download and install that browser, (s)he will not be able to participate in the quiz!

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